Software Solutions

Incipio Group Enterprise Services offers an expansive range of software solution capabilities, including web & mobile app development, connected office, corporate technology and co-development on product and software integration.

Corporate Technology
We provide turn-key solutions for modernizing the office atmosphere. From smart office transformation with CommandKit to virtual reception, we offer a variety of services for maximizing efficiency around the office.
  • CommandKit application and product lineup, compatible with the Apple HomeKit platform.
  • Virtual reception desk
  • Digital signage
  • Integration with corporate security and office requirements
Product Integration
We work in tandem with your development team to build hardware and software solutions for your Bluetooth enabled products.
FirePak and SureFire are registered trademarks of SureFire, LLC.
Software Ecosystem
Our technology team builds networked suites of applications for iOS and Android technologies with intelligence reports, providing a comprehensive solution to your company’s needs. Our capabilities consist of:
  • Marketing features: push, location-based, real-time and email notifications, social media integration and real-time customer app engagement.
  • Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE / Bluetooth® Smart) applications that communicate with BLE enabled products.
  • E-Commerce applications that integrate with existing webstores.
  • Reporting intelligence comprised of sales, user engagement, product preference and more.